11 French traditions that everyone should know

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11 French traditions that everyone should know


  1. Don’t order or serve white wine after red
  2. When served foie gras, place a small piece of the foie gras on the bread to eat it. Don’t try to spread it by crushing it with a knife.
  3. Always eat cheese before dessert
  4. When ordering coffee after a meal, specify if you want milk in it (it will automatically be served black unless specified).
  5. In a restaurant, close your menu to indicate you are ready to order and place your knife and fork side by side across the plate to show you are finished with your dish.
  6. Don’t get your glasses mixed up: small oval one is for white wine, large round for red.
  7. Look people in the eye when you raise a toast and don’t cross other people’s arms when reaching to clink your glass with someone.
  8. There are no side plates for bread – place it on the tablecloth next to your plate.
  9. At Christmas the French have their main meal – Le Réveillon – after midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and it includes oysters, snails, foie gras, candied chestnuts and bûche de Noël accompanied by champagne
  10. To finish any sauce on a plate, you should place a piece of bread on the prongs of your fork to soak it up. In informal gatherings, you can hold the bread with your fingers.
  11. According to French superstition you should never place a baguette or loaf of bread upside down on a table, if you do you will invite famine into the house 

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