Bordeaux Wines at The France Show

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Bordeaux Wines at The France Show

At the France Show you can learn about what makes Bordeaux wines so special and enjoy tasting a selection of delicious white, red, rosé and sweet wines.

All wines being sampled are widely available throughout the UK and all have been recommended by a panel of wine professionals. There are four discovery sessions available to attend. Choose from the options below.

Refreshing dry whites from Bordeaux

Did you know that Bordeaux produce delicious white wines?  Made with a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon, these whites are bursting with aromas, from crisp and fruity to structured and generous. Why not come and discover?

Elegant Bordeaux Reds

Discover why the red wines from Bordeaux are so special – using a blend of the best grapes to produce wines that are rich in flavours and especially good with food.  They are supple and fruity or powerful and intense, so come and taste our selection including wines from the Saint-Emilion and Médoc regions!

Delicious and good value wines from Bordeaux

There are plenty of Bordeaux wines ready to drink now and offering great value. Taste our fabulous selection from all over the Bordeaux region and see which ones will be on your shopping list next week!

The Great Bordeaux Tour

Join us for a journey through the Bordeaux vineyards to find your perfect style of Bordeaux wine. Explore the world of Bordeaux and taste refreshing white, elegant red and indulgent sweet wines from our special Everyday Bordeaux Selection.

The more you look the more you will discover about Bordeaux Wines. 

Wine tickets are available to buy at the show, just come along to the ticket desk outside the wine theatre on level 1. tickets cost £7 each.



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