Exhibitor Profile: Shawbury Vintners

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Exhibitor Profile: Shawbury Vintners

What products/services do you offer?
Shawbury Vintners offers a selection of wines, each individually chosen as being of exceptional quality and truly representative of its kind. We thrive on our continued commitment to offer wine tastings to our customers. We believe that through the tasting experience and with some guidance, we’ll find wines that are right for you, that exceed your expectations and delight in ways that the lottery of the supermarket shelves never can.

Tell us what new/exciting thing visitors can find out at your stand or why they should plan a visit to your stand.
At The France Show 2017 we will be offering new vintages and wines that we urge visitors not to miss! 

If you are UK based, where in France would you like to visit next and why? If you live in France, What is the best thing about living in your area?
The quintessential Pyrenees.

What is your favourite French food?

Please give us three reasons why you love France.
The people
The scenery
Hassle free driving

For further information, visit Shawbury Vintners at stand L143, or see: www.shawbury-vintners.co.uk


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