Guy's top tips to get the best out of The France Show 2017

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Guy's top tips to get the best out of The France Show 2017

Don’t forget that there are two floors of Olympia dedicated to The France Show. For those who like all the French lifestyle, food and entertainment side of things don’t forget that there is a whole floor of French property stands to visit. Wondering how you will ever be able to afford buy a house in the UK? Well don’t – just rent, and buy a three bed house with pool and a lettable gite in France for the cost of a two bedroom flat in Barking! And if you are with us to browse for that dream holiday house then don’t forget that there is cheese, wine and Cancan dancers on the floor below.

Spare a few minutes to check out the programme to see what’s on when. Don’t miss the cookery demonstrations at the Flavours of France Theatre, or the wine tastings in the Wine theatre, or the music stage in the market area, or the various sessions in the property and language theatre A little bit of planning goes a long way.

The Exhibitors are only there for one reason – to talk to you the visitors. So don’t be shy in coming forward. Ask questions, talk to them, engage with them – then you, and they will get so much more out of the show. If you want to find out about Brittany, or the Dordogne, or how to book the best ferry, or the best way to learn French – now is your chance to speak directly to the right people.

Don’t rely on being able to pay by card if you are buying stuff in the market, the French cheesemonger will probably not be able to take your payment of £4.23 for a chunk of Tomme de Savoie cheese on a debit card. So please ensure that you bring some cash! There are cash machines at Olympia but they charge a fee.

Don’t forget all the free stuff. Many exhibitors would love to send you away with a bag full of brochures and knick knacks, not to mention the free tasters available on the food and wine stands. But please, if you like a particular cheese, or pate, or wine, do take the opportunity to buy some – you may very well not be able to find it elsewhere, and an opportunity will be missed.

Who cares if you are trying to have a dry January - if it’s all getting too much for you there is a Champagne bar in the middle of the Property show on Level 2, and on Level 1 near the market area you can buy glasses of all sorts of different wine at the St Tropez Rose Company.

2016 has now ended – and the exhibitors at the show will be only too relieved about it. Gone but never forgotten, for it was a year of multiple horrors for our neighbours in l’Hexagone. So if you can go round this year’s France Show with a big smile, with optimistic enthusiasm, appreciation and support for the people of France then it will be a terrific show. I will be doing just that at the Flavours of France Theatre and it will be great to see you all there.

Guy Wolley


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