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Learn French via Skype with Arnaud’s Language Kitchen

Posted on 15th November 2017Language & Culture

Interesting ways to learn French

Here at ALK, I like to make things fun and always stimulating. You can choose a tailor-made Skype course or a kitchen session to practice your French, whatever your level.

Keeping your hands busy while baking in the kitchen frees the mind and lowers your inhibitions.

Plus you get to eat delicious treats! You can choose the theme (grammar, conversation, …) and recipe used during the sessions.

  • 5 reasons to learn French
  1. French is spoken on all continents by over 220 million people.
  2. Studying a foreign language is a recognised way to keep your brain active.
  3. France is still the world’s top tourist destination: why not learn to talk to the locals in their own language? They’ll love it!
  4. French is a rich, analytical language, which will help you learn other languages, such as Italian, Spanish or Romanian. Not to mention English, since 50% of its vocabulary has French ancestry.
  5. It’s just fun to learn new things!
  • Why take a Skype course?

No two ALK Skype courses are the same, as every lesson is tailor-made to the needs and wishes of the students.

Whether you want to converse with greater confidence or study grammar methodically, you will be provided with full tutor support: resources, face-to-face lessons, feedback and online support.

The 3 tALK French workbooks will be available at the show, at a special France Show price.

Arnaud’s Language Kitchen will be at The France Show on stand L59


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