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Peter May will be at The France Show on Friday

Posted on 21st September 2017Language & Culture

Peter May, author, screenwriter and creator of television drama will be at The France Show on Friday.  Peter May was born in Glasgow, but now lives in France, where his books have won several awards and he has a large following of fans.  He was recently introduced at the Lyon Festival of Crime writing as “The most French of all Scotsmen”.

Critical Acclaim for “cerebral” Enzo Files

His series of six books, The Enzo Files, is set in France.  Hailed by author Steve Berry as “intelligent… and ingenious”, several reviewers have praised the cerebral nature of the cold case investigations tackled by the Scottish forensic scientist Enzo Macleod.  Realism and humour also feature and the endearingly flawed hero has deen described as “a cross between James Bond and Inspector Clouseau”.

May refuses to write about any setting that he hasn’t visited personally and continues to take his research seriously for the series set in France.  Just as research for the China Thrillers meant trips to places such as the Shanghai police morgue and the American Ambassador’s residence in Beijing, research for the Enzo Files has taken him from the Paris sewers to Michelin 3-star restaurants (he recently gained access to the kitchen of France’s top chef, Michel Bras, to spend three days shadowing him in his work).

Come along and hear him talk about his love of France and his latest book at The France Show.

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